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Filling Treatment

Filler application is a frequently applied non-surgical cosmetic procedure. Although it was initially used only for the treatment of wrinkles and furrows in the skin, today it can even be used to change the contours of the face with more complicated applications. The material that we use most frequently as a filler is “Hyaluronic Acid”. Since hyaluronic acid is a structural substance found naturally in our body, it is easily tolerated.

Dolgu Uygulamaları

Filler applications have found a wide range of uses, such as filling and lightening the lips, lightening the cheekbones, enlarging the chin, reducing cavities under the eyes, removing wrinkles around the the mouth and the deep furrows of the face. In experienced hands it is possible to obtain very satisfactory and natural results. Apps that are similar to each other, in which the natural creases of the face are blurred, and especially by overly enlarging the lip, causing a "duck lip" appearance, are inappropriate apps. To avoid such undesirable results, it would be beneficial to consult an experienced plastic surgeon or dermatologist.

Filler applications can be performed under local anesthesia and under office conditions. The application takes 5 to 10 minutes. After the procedure, although the application is changed depending on the region, the application is visible on the site. Significant swellings disappear in 2-3 days. Bruises are also seen in the application area, but usually it does not last more than 1 week and it is close to putting on makeup. Although the padding has changed by region, the effect varies between May 6 and 18 months.